hello, I'mArtur

a Warsaw based Lead UX Designer

with a passion for
design, data & code

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My role is to design & deliver easy-to-use products that meet business goals & user needs.

work experience

11.2021 - 02.20242 years and 4 months

UX Design Team Lead, No Fluff Jobs, remotely

• supporting Design Team members - DesignOps, Design Processess, Design System

• defining business goals & user needs - UX strategy, UX deliveries & Product Roadmap

• close cooperation with IT, Sales, Business, Marketing & Art teams

• conducting design sprints, business & user workshops, qualitative & quantitative UX research, product data analysis

06.2021 - 10.20215 months

Expert UX Designer, ERGO Technology & Services, Warsaw, Poland

• defining business goals & user needs

• conducting stakeholders workshops, supporting business & delivery teams

• creating business & user flows, designing low & high fidelity prototypes

• qualitative & quantitative data research (data analytics)

• conducting user research (user interviews, usability tests)

• supporting writings & user interface design

06.2018 - 05.20213 years

Expert UX Designer, PKO Bank Polski, Warsaw, Poland

• iPKO online banking platform for 8 million users

• dozens of application flows for personal & corporate online banking platforms (iPKO biznes)

• Open Banking API developers' portal

• close cooperation with business and developers teams, user interface designers, copywriters and digital analytics

• ux workshops, desk research, user research, competitive and data analysis, wireframing and prototyping

• user research laboratory - idea, design, floor plan, hardware & software, tests.

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01.2018 - 05.20185 months

UX Designer, Bank Millennium

user experience design for retail and corporate banking, both mobile and website

close cooperation with business teams, digital analytics, user interface designers, copywriters and developers

coordinating ux process, desk research, user research, competitive and data analysis, wireframing and prototyping

01.2012 - 12.20176 years

Senior UX Engineer, Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services

user experience design, user interface design, web design and web development, creative thinking, video editing

01.2011 - 12.20111 year

Web Design Team Leader, Connectmedica health communication agency

web team leadership, user interface design, web design and front end development

01.2009 - 12.20102 years

Web Design Project Manager self-employed (b2b)

self-employed, project management, team leadership, product design, ux design, web development, brainstorming, creative thinking, video editing

10.2007 - 07.20092 years

Academic Lecturer, University School of Informatics

part-time contract, web technologies classes, information architecture, web design and development and user interface design

01.2006 - 12.20083 years

Senior Web Developer, Netizens digital agency

front end development, html, css, javascript, php, brainstorming, creative thinking

01.2001 - 12.20055 years

Web Developer, arturkepa.com as a freelancer

web design, web development, front end development

11.2005 - 10.20105 years

Senior Event Manager, Partyzantz guerilla marketing collective

part-time, co-founder, team leadership (up to 20 team members), urban game development, brand design, customer relationship management, public relations, web design and development

11.1996 - 03.19975 months

Event Manager, ENDORA theater school festival

co-founder, team leadership, project management, public relations


  • Marcel Gołuński

    IT Systems Development Manager, Sodexo
    "Artur proved to be an exceptional expert and highly motivated employee. He has significant knowledge in the area of UX/UI. Artur has a strong character and is very orderly therefore he can easily manage projects. Above all he is characterized by high dynamics of operation, unparalleled efficiency and timeliness."
  • Paweł Łokaj

    Loyalty Programs Team Manager, Sodexo
    "Artur is a very innovative and creative in his work and has a unique talent to instantly understand and respond to client needs regarding web design projects. I highly recommend Artur in terms of web design, user friendly interfaces and mobile solutions."
  • Kinga Wilczyńska

    Project Manager, Connectmedia
    "Arthur being a team leader, has shown diligence, creativity, and many unconventional ideas. His involvement in every project was crucial at every stage of implementation. Besides, he is friendly and communicative in cooperation."

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  • Paweł Siarkowski

    Project Manager, Collective Partyzantz
    "Artur is always full of energy and happy to work. He quickly recognizes the potential risks and more quickly eliminates them. He is reliable, objective and honest."
  • Paweł Woszkowski

    CEO, Smartzilla
    "Artur is an innovator. He seeks to optimize work and increase productivity. He is a very creative person, and his ideas are accurate and strongly embedded in reality."
  • Igor Gnot

    CEO, Connectmedia
    "Artur is focused programmer and good team leader. I was happy to work with him."
  • Dawid Górny

    R&D Developer, Netizens
    "We were working together on a large web projects with success. Artur is a very determined person who always tries to improve something."
  • Kuba Regucki

    Technology Team Leader, Isobar
    "Creative designer full of fresh ideas. A clever programmer and efficient manager. Systematic and good communication at every stage of the project."
  • Magdalena Denkiewicz

    Account Manager RX Division, Connectmedia
    "Artur to nie tylko świetny kolega, który zawsze służył pomocą. To przede wszystkim profesjonalista w każdym calu. Jego szeroka wiedza i bogate doświadczenie skutecznie wpływały na postępy w realizacji projektów agencji. Jako lider zespołu IT cieszył się opinią rewelacyjnie zorganizowanej persony. Jest to osoba, której w 100% mogłam zaufać i na której zawsze mogłam polegać w sytuacjach "stresowych" przy realizowanych wówczas przedsięwzięciach. Szczerze POLECAM"


2018 - 2019

UX Design, SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Warsaw, Poland

postgraduate studies: user research, ux strategy, data modeling, prototyping, usablity testing

2017 - 2018

UX Design, Interaction Design Foundation, online

online course: design thinking, user experience design, human-computer interaction

1999 - 2005

Computer Science, University of Silesia, Katowice, Poland

master’s degree: “Web-based Geographic Information System” – GPS Data Source, Mapinfo File Format, MING - an SWF output C library, Macromedia Flash, HTML, PHP